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Ready to Enter The Show Your Style Design Competition? Fabulous!

Here are the categories:

Hospitality/Hotel Amenity: Hotel amenity gifts are the ultimate in large-scale production and revenue generation. Design an amenity gift for a potential client that will surprise and delight their guests upon check-in. Retail: $25 with a profit margin of 50%

Real Estate Closing Gift: Year-round profitability is a key driver in the Real Estate industry. Design a closing gift for a Realtor to give to their client in celebration of a new home purchase. Retail: $50 with a profit margin of 50%

Employee Appreciation: Keeping employees content and feeling appreciated is paramount in today's corporate environment. Design a small gift that can be given as a token of appreciation to an employee to congratulate, uplift or celebrate a key milestone. Use your imagination and add your own pizzazz. Retail: $30 with a profit margin 40%

Designer Bows: Bow are considered the jewelry adorning any gift. Design your signature gift topper that radiates your personality and you just might have the distinction of having a bow named in your honor. Retail: $4 with a profit margin of 50%.

Steps to Enter:
  1. Prepare your designs and take photos.
  2. Click here to enter.
  3. Print out your entry documents and bring with your designs to the convention. You can ship your designs to the hotel or bring them with you.
  4. On Saturday morning, place each of your designs with your entry paperwork on the designated table.